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  #15 Al Horford Atlanta Hawks  
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  Al Horford Matchups 2012-2013 Stats Glossary  glossary  
 Based on Efficiency Recap Difference on Games when Al Horford and his opponent play > 25 minutes
Games with less turnovers than opponent | Back to Matchups Al Horford
- vs David LeeFull statistics
- vs Blake GriffinFull statistics
- vs Joakim NoahFull statistics
- vs Al JeffersonFull statistics
- vs David WestFull statistics
- vs Nikola VucevicFull statistics
- vs DeMarcus CousinsFull statistics
- vs Brook LopezFull statistics
- vs Chris BoshFull statistics
- vs Kevin GarnettFull statistics
- vs Larry SandersFull statistics
- vs Omer AsikFull statistics
- vs Roy HibbertFull statistics
- vs Andre DrummondFull statistics
- vs Jonas ValanciunasFull statistics
- vs Jermaine O'NealFull statistics
- vs Tyler ZellerFull statistics
- vs Kendrick PerkinsFull statistics
- vs Earl BarronFull statistics
- vs Aaron GrayFull statistics
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