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  #2 Joe Johnson Atlanta Hawks  
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  Joe Johnson Matchups 2011-2012 Stats Glossary  glossary  
 Based on Efficiency Recap Difference on Games when Joe Johnson and his opponent play > 25 minutes
Games with more rebounds than opponent | Back to Matchups Joe Johnson
- vs Dwyane WadeFull statistics
- vs Paul GeorgeFull statistics
- vs Ray AllenFull statistics
- vs Kevin MartinFull statistics
- vs Rodney StuckeyFull statistics
- vs Trevor ArizaFull statistics
- vs Luke RidnourFull statistics
- vs Jared DudleyFull statistics
- vs Gerald HendersonFull statistics
- vs Wesley MatthewsFull statistics
- vs J.R. SmithFull statistics
- vs Jamal CrawfordFull statistics
- vs Jerryd BaylessFull statistics
- vs Kyle KorverFull statistics
- vs Jodie MeeksFull statistics
- vs Mickael PietrusFull statistics
- vs Roger MasonFull statistics
- vs Keyon DoolingFull statistics
- vs Alan AndersonFull statistics
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