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  Houston Rockets News Record : 52 - 30 | West Rank : 4th  
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  Houston Rockets News 2006-2007 Stats Glossary  glossary  
 赛事回顾: 火箭对太阳 - 01/23/2015
 哈登在最后时刻后仰跳投完成 哨绝杀,最终火箭客场113-111 克太阳。 哈登全场拿下33分10助攻6篮板 本赛季第四次获得30+得分10+助 攻的数据,联盟第一。
 Recap: Rockets at Suns - 01/23/2015
 James Harden hit yet another game-winning shot as his step-back jumper swished as time expired to beat the Suns 113-111.
 2015 Valentine's Day Clutch-Gram
  The Perfect Gift for that special someone
 RocketsCast Live - Episode 11
 赛事回顾: 火箭对勇士 - 01/21/2015
  尽管火箭的替补阵容第四节发 飙,但前三节的坑实在太大, 箭最终还是客场113-126不敌对 ,赛季被勇士横扫。 哈登飚下全场最高的33分,30+ 场次达到19场,但是其余四名 发加起来仅得23分。
 Recap: Rockets at Warriors - 01/21/2015
 The Rockets' bench made a furious rally in the fourth quarter, but the damage the Warriors' inflicted in the first three quarters was too
 赛事回顾: 火箭对步行者 - 01/19/2015
  哈登狂砍赛季新高的45分,火 主场以110-98击败步行者。
 Recap: Rockets vs. Pacers - 01/19/2015
 James Harden went off for a season-high 45 points in a 110-98 win over the Indiana Pacers.
 赛事回顾: 火箭对勇士 - 01/17/2015
  丢分达131分创赛季新高火箭主 场负于勇士。 上赛季火箭还能赢得对勇士的 列赛,而本赛季三次输给勇 队。最后一次是周三的客场。
 Recap: Rockets vs. Warriors - 01/17/2015
 The Rockets gave up a season-high 131 points in a home loss to the Golden State Warriors.

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