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  New Jersey Nets News Record : 24 - 58 | East Rank : 12th  
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  New Jersey Nets News 2010-2011 Stats Glossary  glossary  
 Brooklyn Nets Mailbag: Free Agency, D’Angelo Russell and More
 Dozens of fans submitted questions for the first-ever mailbag
 å½“时间倒回1年以前,那时的丁 å¨è¿ªè¿˜åœ¨å‡†å¤‡å¤å­£è”èµ›ï¼Œä»–æƒ³è ¦è¯æ˜Žä¸ºä»€ä¹ˆä»–åœ¨ä¸»æ•™ç»ƒé˜¿ç‰¹é‡ ‘森的体系中值得拥有一席之地 。 è€Œå½“æˆ‘ä»¬çœ‹çŽ°åœ¨çš„ä»–ï¼Œå¤©å•Šï¼Œä º‹æƒ…变化的真的太快了。
  数据 出战68场比赛,场均13.9分,6.8ä ¸ªç¯®æ¿ï¼ŒæŠ•ç¯®å‘½ä¸­çŽ‡47%。 赛季回顾
 æ•°æ® 出战75场比赛,场均得到13.2åˆ†ï ¼Œ4.3个篮板和1.6次助攻。 赛季回顾
  数据 出战71场比赛,场均得到12.1åˆ†ï ¼Œ4.2次助攻和3.7个篮板。 赛季回顾
 Brooklyn Nets' Spencer Dinwiddie grateful for Most Improved Player nomination
 Dinwiddie shared his thoughts about being nominated for the MIP award and his expectations for next season
 Brooklyn Nets' Spencer Dinwiddie Nominated for Most Improved Player award
 Dinwiddie gets recognized for his notable improvement during the 2017-18 season
 Bleacher Report: Brooklyn Nets a top free agent destination
 The popular sports outlet believes there's a lot about the Nets that will appeal to free agents
 USA Basketball adds Long Island Nets' Ronald Nored to coaching staff
 Long Island Nets head coach Ronald Nored has been added to the staff of USA Basketball coach Jeff Van Gundy for the next window of World Cup qualifying games.
 Brooklyn Nets Season Review: Spencer Dinwiddie
 A breakout season for point guard who seized his opportunity.

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