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  #9 John Starks Golden State Warriors  
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  John Starks Rankings 1999-2000 Stats Glossary  glossary  
  Overall Rankings John Starks 
  14th in 3-point attempts With 5 or more 3-point attempts , Warriors are 5 - 13 | Games
  15th in 3-point made With 2 or more 3-point made , Golden State is 5 - 11 | Games
  36th in Field-goals attempts With 16 or more Field-goals attempts , Golden State is 4 - 12 | Games
  59th in Field-goals made With 6 or more Field-goals made , Warriors are 6 - 12 | Games
  103rd in 3-point percentage With .347 or higher 3-point percentage , Golden State is 4 - 9 | Games
  128th in Efficiency recap With 13 or more efficiency recap , Warriors are 7 - 8 | Games
  276th in Field-goals percentage With .359 or higher Field-goals percentage , Warriors are 7 - 9 | Games
  Position ( Shooting-Guard ) Rankings John Starks 
  7th in 3-point attempts Top Shooting-Guards in 3-point attempts
  8th in 3-point made Top Shooting-Guards in 3-point made
  12nd in Field-goals attempts Top Shooting-Guards in Field-goals attempts
  17th in Field-goals made Top Shooting-Guards in Field-goals made
  26th in 3-point percentage Top Shooting-Guards in 3-point percentage
  26th in Efficiency recap Top Shooting-Guards in Efficiency recap
  41st in Field-goals percentage Top Shooting-Guards in Field-goals percentage

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